Better Patient Bathing


Did you know?
Of the 100 billion pounds of plastic produced annually, only 5% is recyclable**

The Problem

Plastic bath basins pose unnecessary infection control risks to both patients and practioners and adversely impact the environment.

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Infection Control Costs

  • HAIs are the most common complication amongst hospitalized patients
  • Superbug CRE carries a 50% mortality rate and survive on hard surfaces like plastic
  • Studies have identified plastic bath basins as a source for the spread of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms

Environmental Impact

  • Usage of raw materials for plastic manufacturing
  • Cost of disposal of plastic - long term environmental consideration
  • Plastics contain polymers which do not biodegrade
* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
** Practice Greenhealth
The ideal solution is Vernacare's single-use, biodegradable wash basin - protect patients and the environment!